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  • Do you have young children?  If you and your partner died in a car accident, what would happen to your children?  Without a proper Will, a Court may have to decide where they will live and who will care for them.
  • Do you want your assets ultimately to go to your children?  Without a valid Will they may never reach them and your children could end up with nothing.
  • Do you have a Will specifying who will inherit your house, or your share in it?  If not, it could mean that your preferred beneficiary will have no right to live in it.
  • Are you living together with someone in a ‘common law’ partnership? If you are, do not assume that either of you will automatically inherit the other’s property.
  • Already have a Will?  If you wrote your Will again today, would it be absolutely the same as it was the last time you wrote it?
  • Treat an updated Will like a Remortgage. When circumstances change, it becomes absolutely necessary.

We can advise, draft and help you correctly execute a Will to make it a legally binding document.

What should you do to avoid intestacy rules applying on your death, and why is a Will necessary?

If you die having neglected to make a Will, then how your hard-earned assets are distributed is determined by legal rules governed by an Act of Parliament.

Circumstances may arise after your death, when the surviving spouse remarrying could mean your property ends up going to the ‘new’ family at the expense of your own. If you want to have control over who should benefit on your death, then you must decide to make a Will in which you name your beneficiaries and set out your wishes comprehensively as to the distribution of your property, money and other assets.

How to write a Will that will protect your family
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