Eternity Estate Planning Services

What is Estate Planning?

It is thinking ahead, making decisions, and putting legal documents in place to safeguard your family, yourself, and your assets, in the best way possible in advance of unforeseeable events.

We provide legal expertise combined with a highly personalised service to make the whole process easy for you to understand from start to finish.

Plan now for peace of mind and a more secure future for the family.

Eternity Estate Planning Services

Whether you are getting married or divorced, have a new born child or a son or daughter leaving university, setting up a new business or thinking of retirement, own a second home or run a family firm, we can examine and advise on the best ways by which you can protect your assets for those whom you love and care for.

How we can help you plan for the future

  • Control the distribution of your estate
  • Avoid the Rules of Intestacy
  • Appoint Guardians for children
  • Make funeral provisions
  • Set up a Trust
  • Make provision for pets
  • Exclude any unwanted beneficiaries
  • Make charitable donations
  • Utilise tax allowances
  • Protect vulnerable family members
  • Avoid any family disputes
  • Fund the education of any grandchildren

Guide to the process

Step 1

Initial contact – we will briefly explain our services, obtain your details which we will use to book an appointment with you.

Step 2

Instruction meeting – this is a face to face meeting when we discuss your requirements, take your instructions, giving you the opportunity to sign off on those instructions and our terms of business.

Step 3

Client Approval – we draft your document as per your instructions, and secure your approval, which can be done by sending a password protected, watermarked pdf document for you to check. On approval, this will be printed and bound.

Step 4

Signing – the final meeting in this process is for Attestation, when the documents are signed and witnessed in the proper form to be legally binding.

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